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Energy Geoscience

Subsurface consultancy focused on geoscience, site descriptive models, borehole planning and data acquisition

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Geological Disposal of Radioactive Materials

Regional and country specific geological assessments for Geological Disposal Facilities and Deep Borehole Disposal for safe sequestration of nuclear waste and other radioactive materials

Carbon Storage

Geological assessments, well planning, monitoring and verification, research, project support and auditing, and international standards (ISO)


High temperature, mine water geothermal, research, well planning and project support


Wellbore planning and design to achieve research objectives related to sampling and data acquisition.

Radioactive Materials and Nuclear Waste

An intractable problem that requires innovative geoscience and engineering thinking.

Carbon Storage

Working on carbon capture and storage since 2002


Geothermal, mine water geothermal and Krafla Magma Testbed


Vertical, deviated, horizontal, as deep as you want to go, 1km, 3km, 5km…
Drilling, coring, wireline logs, cuttings, gases etc.
Field supervision of staff, contractors, health & safety, and act as client witness.
Planning Reports, End of Project Reports, Gap Analyses and Lessons Learned.


Services to geoscience projects

Peer Review, Project Audits, Geoscience support, data acquisition planning and client representation.

Case Studies (under construction)

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Turning ideas into reality